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Thank you for visiting :) 

**December 19, 2019 ***

Some time ago I had to hire an attorney when there was a chance that I was going to lose my house.

Through a very long process and thousands of dollars, I found out that affording an attorney wasn't very feasible.  

So, I started looking through the internet and found a site that teaches you what you need to know legally.  

The online website teaches you how to do it yourself instead of spending thousands with an attorney (who purposely leaves you in the dark).

Whenever I asked a real question the attorney got angry at me for just asking him where my billing statement was. The Attorney threatened to withdraw immediately from my case. At that time I really didn't know my rights. I DO NOW :)!

I also know what to do now that I have used this website that teaches "How to Win in Court without an Attorney"

The website is an online Law Course. I know that sounds scary but it's not. Just click on the image, go check it out. 

Everything is explained in regular words. By the way, Attorneys use big words to make you think that they know more. It's just a game. 

The website will teach you to Win.   

 Everyone should know what their attorney is doing. But people don't know what to ask them.

I can help you with that :)

Or you can use the link below to see what you can do yourself. I have and I'm still using the website (law course).

Because most people are afraid of appearing stupid. Please understand that there is no such thing as a stupid question ever.

I can actually teach you what to ask the attorney and keep track of what the Attorney does. No more Secrets which is what the Attorney(s) count on. You not knowing how to keep them on track and not leave you in the dark.

Please keep checking I will be updating as I go, now that I can. 

Sincerely Leslie

Services Offered:

1. Mediation

2. Negotiation

3. Dispute resolution

4. Teach you how to evaluate your options 5. Discuss how to do Court procedures

6. How to find what you need for court, etc. or

7. You could do what I have done and it yourself by using the course below.

8. You could also talk to me I will listen.

Knowledge is power. If you have the knowledge you have the power.

Or you could just talk to me :)

Send an email to [email protected]

emails are all in-house on this website they will not show on this website. I will respond as soon as I can usually within a day or less.

 Credit to be given:

The fear statement is in part from the Movie After Earth with Will Smith. Remember fear is not real. Fear only exists in our thoughts of the Future. It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not at present or may not ever exist. That is near insanity. very real but fear is a choice. 

I choose not to Fear.

The course I have taken is a law course online. By doing this course, I have already achieved the following: 

So Far:

Newest case:By using the Law Course I was able to make the opposing Attorney file a motion to be removed as Attorney of record for the Plaintiff.

( The Law Course teaching everything you need to know )Did it through a "Flurry of Motions" I laughed all the way to the Order from the Judge agreeing to Attorney being removed from the record ( the Plaintiff's Attorney The Judge even wrote in the Order granting the Attorney to be removed all the Sanctions, the Judge would agree to by the Defendant ( me). The Exact wording is as follows: Motion (which means I'm directing the court to do something )of (me), impose sanctions against the Plaintiff. Sanctions may include the imposition of fees and costs, striking of pleadings (Plaintiff's) entry of default, and dismissal with prejudice.

Won against major Mortgage Servicer in Bankruptcy Court had the money returned to me :) I was against 3 attorneys. I filed a motion objecting to the Servicers application for the money left in the Bankruptcy Court, along with my evidence in support of my receiving the money that had the Servicer named on it. 

The Court had approved the application but the Servicer withdrew their application for the after I filed my motion objecting with the evidence. The Judge Vacated the earlier order granting the money to the Servicer. Then granted me the unclaimed money that had been left in the Treasury of the U.S.


Then I backed Bank of America off before having to go to court in a letter. There were two accounts as the primary cardholder. Mom was only an authorized user. 

Big difference, but BoA thought they could pull it off demanding payment from mom after they found out Dad had passed. (BoA was fully informed of Death of my Dad, sent two Death certificates because they lost the first one, sent 5 years earlier)The letter I sent clearly stated to them in the last paragraph that they had illegally reported the credit cards on mom's credit without authority to do so. I implied that if they didn't remove the information that further action would be done. Meaning Lawsuit- containing identity theft and other elder abuse. 

They removed the information from the credit bureaus and personally called my mother and apologized for the misunderstanding. They stated there will be no more letters or calls pertaining to those two accounts.

There is so much you can do if you know how to do it.  

***New Service: I will be doing mini podcasts to answer your questions. All Subscribers will be able to listen to all questions that will be asked like a library with files on different topics. **

I will be doing new services now if you will send with what you would like to know or have me do. Go to page fill in the email If you need a call you will have to ask in email. 

Sincerely Leslie 

You may not have to file Bankruptcy to stop foreclosure. 

The Law Course on the website can direct you on what to do. 

Ask Questions?

About Me:

I live and work locally in the Collin County Area.

My bankruptcy finished with the last payment last year. That's when I found out that I could have discharged my mortgage debt through the bankruptcy court. (and had no debt attached to my home anymore)

Then, I would have had NO MORE mortgage payments and owned my home clear of any debt(legally). At that time (2014) I had a Lawsuit in court, costing a lot more money, anguish, and frustration more than it cost to file Bankruptcy.

Why should you pay money to someone (company), that you don't owe! If you have a MIN# on your DEED OF TRUST (Mortgage document you signed at closing.) Then the chances are over 80% in your favor that you are paying a company who doesn't own your note and/or your mortgage. And that the debt could be discharged through the court

Happy you :) unhappy them :(

Note*I do have some names of attorneys who have been trained in this of bankruptcy and in the area of foreclosures. You may not have to file bankruptcy to save your home from foreclosure.* I can teach you how to look up and understand what is on your title.

If you already have a bankruptcy attorney. If they need some I can talk to them. I am a paralegal.

This website has been built to help Home Owners who are trying to save their home from Foreclosure.

I remember how scary this time was for me. That's why I started asking questions!

There is an area in Bankruptcy that can help you keep your home! This could be at the expense of the company that you have been paying your mortgage payment to! 

If you have any questions contact me. I will answer everyone who sends an email and asks a question.

Please read tab: Why this site is here. I have been in your position and I do care. :) Believe it, I'm on your side.

I can provide proof of what I say. :)

Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, go to contact us tab!

I hope you can find everything you need. Leslies Solutions is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction -I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

Send me an email! Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come! 

Don't like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase please read all pages. Thank you.